Cesar Horlando Villaroel Dorigo

Cesar Horlando Villaroel Dorigo comes to APS as a seasoned American communications expert with more than three decades of experience. Villaroel has managed television broadcast companies in Latin America and North America, before beginning working with film production in Hollywood. He has worked with political campaigns and leaders in the US, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Villaroel has developed numerous spots for television, internet, and radio that connect with consumers in memorable ways, both inside and outside of politics. His current portfolio includes assisting diverse corporations, especially those in the banking and finance fields, to find new, innovative ways to interact with their clients and to increase their market share. He resides in Los Angeles, California when not on assignment in Latin America. Villaroel continued his study of film production via advanced courses in Bolivia, Mexico, and in the United States.

Languages: English and Spanish.