For Politics

We are a one-stop shop for every aspect of your political campaign:

  • The development of a winning campaign strategy that is based on science.
  • Tactics to increase your Name-ID and persuade undecided voters.
  • Organizing your campaign’s structure based on international best practices.
  • Development of a comprehensive campaign calendar that makes every day count.
  • Drafting campaign budgets and helping to prioritize expenses.
  • Development of local party cells and outreach to grassroots organizations.
  • Building coalitions and working with local groups.
  • Advising on campaign hiring, contracting, and outsourcing.

We conduct scientific analysis of voters to understand what makes them tick:

  • Opinion polls (quantitative analysis of changes in public opinion and what they mean for your campaign’s approach to voters).
  • Focus groups (qualitative analysis of the public’s perception of your image and project).
  • Personalized in-depth interviews (analysis of target groups’ electoral decision-making).

We identify key messages and craft persuasive speeches that move audiences:

  • Determining the factors of how to promote your campaign and how to emphasize your strengths, while taking full advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses.
  • Fully developing a public communications strategy that includes speechwriting  and messaging development.
  • Analysis that allows for target audiences to be better micro-targeted.
  • Creative advertising: from print brochures, to television commercials, to social media banners.
  • Strategies for recovery after a reputational attack.

With us, candidates set the right tone in their media and public relations:

  • Creating content for social media.
  • Script development for television and radio commercials.
  • Preparation and publication of news articles, interviews, and analysis.
  • Liaison with the national and international press.
  • 24/7 media monitoring for immediate reaction to positive and negative news reports.
  • Digital advertising across online platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and others.
  • Driving a narrative to put a positive spin on even the most negative stories.
  • Organizing public speeches, round tables, conferences, and press briefings.
  • Public speaking and interview training.

We use the latest American technologies to give you a unique digital advantage:

  • Social Media Management (SMM) and developing an online promotion strategy.
  • Microtargeting of advertising.
  • Deletion of negative online content and repopulating search results with positive content.
  • Website creation and management.
  • Graphic design.
  • Mass distribution of materials via email, SMS, and messenger services.
  • Call centers.
  • Public opinion testing of advertisements and messages.

We determine the competitive risks and weaknesses of your opponents:

  • Analyzing reputational risks and predicting attacks.
  • Development of strategies for defending your reputation, or rebuilding it after you have been attacked.
  • Media monitoring of news that can affect you, or your opponents. 
  • Sociological research, including polls and focus groups, of the public perception of your competitors.
  • Analysis of your opponent’s historical voting and electoral positions.

In accordance with the national lobbying laws of the country in question, we will be your campaign’s bridge to decision-makers in America and Europe:

  • Communicating your interests to foreign government decision-makers.
  • Presenting your product to business or political leaders.
  • Organization of trips to foreign countries to showcase your international experience.

We build a lasting legacy in the hearts of your countrymen, and abroad:

  • Administering your public speaking portfolio.
  • Managing your private and public itineraries, including roundtables and interviews.
  • Ghostwriting of articles and books.

Case studies:

APS’s team was contracted by Cambridge Analytica (a sister company of the SCL Group), to advise on how to most effectively use “big data” analytics and digital outreach on the Presidential campaign of the US Senator. The innovative application of science has revolutionized modern American and international political campaigns. The use of big data is something that APS is able to make a reality for your campaign or government. 

APS worked closely with a Latin American political party to decisively win regional elections, despite an onslaught of negative press and politically-motivated legal attacks. APS’ team successfully changed the narrative that the Party was facing as to generate a groundswell of popular support for the Party which led to them winning the elections by numbers far exceeding what their own campaign’s polling had shown – but matching exactly the polling that APS had done.

In a Post-Soviet country, the APS Team worked with the democratic opposition to challenge an incumbent dictator. Despite direct interference by a foreign country, and strong oligarchical support for the opponent, APS’ strategic messaging was able to effectively communicate a straightforward, yet emotionally-packed message, to voters in such a touching way that even attempted vote-fraud by the incumbent was unable to prevent the election of our candidate to the Presidency.

Every campaign is different: Contact us now so we can start designing your victory.