For Business

We provide open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis, using the target local languages, that specializes in the former Soviet States, particularly Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova; and the Baltic nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. We meet client’s requests to provide open source analysis. Our major areas of focus are:

  • Finance: We specialize in using OSINT to detect money laundering, sanction evasion, illicit finance, and tracking oligarchs’ wealth.
  • Tech: We focus on military technologies, hacking, digital security, aviation, energy industry, tracking Western and Russian social media platforms, and related technological issues.
  • Up-to-the-minute news: We rapidly respond to news and events before the rest of the world learns that they occurred.

We know what is happening in your target market:

  • Conducting due diligence.
  • Expert testimony for legal proceedings.
  • Analysis of a company, or product’s reputation, market, and consumer data.
  • Corporate trends and forecasts.
  • Structuring large-scale databases.
  • Researching existing debts, loans, lawsuits, etc.
  • Financial auditing.
  • Financial investigations aimed at identifying the origin, flow and location of funds, as well as unmasking the networks involved.
  • Setting up company management and managing internal processes. 
  • News monitoring for corporations.
  • Sociological research, including polling and focus groups.
  • Monitoring current and past media coverage of a person, company, product or event.
  • Resolving bureaucratic problems that hinder your company’s development.

We gain a thorough understanding of the public’s views and what that means for you and your market:

  • Public opinion polling (quantitative analysis of changes affecting your product or business).
  • Focus groups (qualitative analysis of public perceptions towards your image or your brand).
  • In-depth personalized interviews (examination of consumer experiences with your product or company).

We identify the branding that will bring you closer to consumers:

  • Quantitative consumer surveys to determine target audiences’ interest. 
  • Focus groups to understand qualitative factors that are affecting your market share.
  • Development of slogans, messaging, and public communication strategies.
  • Ad creation: from printed brochures, to television commercials, to social media banners.

We put your best foot forward with consumers:

  • Development of communication strategies that connect with consumers.
  • Monitoring of the local and national media for stories that will impact your interests.
  • Organization of public and press events.
  • Placement of news articles, interviews, and analyses.
  • Public speaking and media interview training.
  • Creation of printed and television advertising.

In accordance with the national lobbying laws of the country in question, we can be your company’s bridge to decision-makers in America and Europe:

  • Communicating your interests to government decision-makers.
  • Presenting your product to key political or business leaders.
  • Tracking of legislation that could affect your product or marketplace.

We help companies not only survive a reputational crises, but to then thrive after them:

  • Rapid response to risks and attacks.
  • Speedy surveys, focus groups, and in-depth personal interviews.
  • Creation of strategies that rebuild, recreate, or rebrand your reputation.

Our strategies for digital marketing reflect local realities, norms, and mores:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Creation and implementation of a promotional strategy.
  • Microtargeting of messages and advertisements.
  • Production of television and radio commercials.
  • Creation and management of websites.
  • Graphic design.

We help businesses find qualified people for the right positions:

  • In-depth research within the company and leadership via interviews and sociometry.
  • Profile required competencies for certain positions.
  • Request-based identification of employee potential.
  • Perform executive search: from outsourcing experienced consultants to hiring CEOs, managing partners and boards of directors.
  • Advise on corporate policies and culture.
  • Assess the company’s business and organizational model.

We will provide reliable translations of legal, technical, and professional documents, as well as interpreting at events and meetings from local languages into any European language.

Case studies:

APS worked with an upstart European technology company that sought to expand its brand to new markets. Within a matter of 75 working days, APS had brought the European company to 19 countries, on four continents, and had begun negotiating contracts with net values exceeding $25M

APS was contacted by a Latin American company to find purchasers of natural resources in the former Soviet Union. Within the course of three weeks, APS was successful in helping the Latin American company to begin laying the groundwork for a $18.7M deal.

APS was sought-out by a company interested in having its services contracted by a national government in Europe. Due to APS’ strong contacts, the company was successful in presenting its solutions to the government and was awarded an annual contract.