Nicolas “Nico” M. Woods

Nicolas “Nico” M. Woods, works with APS on a wide number of global projects related to international trade, business, and in the sphere of contracting related to the US Government. Before coming to APS, Nico was a US Naval Officer, where he was certified by the US Department of Energy as a nuclear engineer, allowing him to be assigned to a nuclear submarine in the Northern Atlantic Fleet. After leaving the Navy, Nico worked in a Boston private equity firm that specialized in the search fund asset class where he built financial/operating models, conducted extensive commercial, legal due diligence, and industry research. Nico is an avid private pilot, flight instructor, and SCUBA diver.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Stanford University
Master of Engineering Management (MEM), Old Dominion University
Bachelor of Science, Quantitative Economics, U.S. Naval Academy

Languages: English and Spanish.