Michael Talan

Mr. Michael Talan is a distinguished expert in the field of digital sovereignty, receiving recognition for his unwavering commitment to safeguarding the digital interests of nations. His deep-seated dedication to cultivating a digital landscape that empowers nations while fostering global cooperation has garnered the respect and admiration of colleagues and peers worldwide.
With an impressive track record spanning more than two decades at the intersection of technology and policy, he has emerged as a highly regarded authority on critical subjects such as data governance, cyber sovereignty, cloud, and national security. A graduate of UC Berkeley and a former manager at Oracle, Mr. Talan is an indispensable presence in advancing the cause of digital sovereignty and promoting harmonious international coexistence in the digital era.
Mr. Talan’s expertise extends to understanding the scale of Russian malicious activities and the scope of sanctions imposed by Western nations. His unique insights make him a sought-after and unparalleled expert in the field.

Master of Laws (LLM), Vilnius University
Bachelor Degree, UC Berkley

Languages: English, Russian