Michael Coughlin

Michael Coughlin is an American data scientist who specializes in the modeling and simulation of social phenomena. In his days before APS, Michael consulted clients in the spheres of defense, healthcare, architecture, and social planning. Throughout his career, Michael has worked with a broad array of stakeholders in business, academia, government, and development organizations during the creation and implementation of the Saudization and Emiratization laws aimed to increase the participation of those countries’ nationals within their respective workforces. Michael uses an interactive, data-driven approach to help lower costs, mitigate risks, and reduce uncertainty by essentially giving stakeholders a virtual environment in which policies can be tested, probable results observed, risk decisions assessed, and targeted changes made, before policies are implemented in society where one can see the real-world consequences of his modeled-evaluations – a value proposition he now brings to the clients of APS. Michael has worked with numerous modeling techniques including stochastic, agent-based, and discrete-event simulations. Michael has also been active with the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, the National Training Simulation Association, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and the Computational Social Science Society of the Americas.  In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking, running, playing the piano, and reading science fiction.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, The University of a Texas at Dallas
Master of Science, Modeling and Simulation, The University of Central Florida

Languages: English and Arabic