María Gabriela “Gaby” Núñez Klinger

María Gabriela “Gaby” Núñez Klinger comes to APS with a stellar background in helping clients in Latin America and Europe to improve their public image. Aside from years of having worked in television and radio, Gaby has worked with law firms, in the tourism industry, and with public events corporations to bridge their needs with the public’s demands. Building upon this experience, Gaby has worked on local and presidential campaigns in South America where she specialized in crisis communications. Gaby is a perennial optimist who always puts other people and her clients first, something that was underscored by her decision to work as a hospice care nurse for over two years, so that she could bring joy to the lives of those approaching their darkest hour. Gaby is an asset and ray of sunshine for every client with whom she encounters.

Bachelor of Arts, Social Work, Universidad Técnica Luis Vargas Torres

Languages: Spanish and Italian