Brent Escobar

Brent Escobar is an American entrepreneur whose breadth of business experience spans across North and South America in international import/export, agriculture, digital currencies, commercial lending, and early-stage venture capital sectors. From his Miami base of operations, Escobar brings APS guidance in import/export, strategic planning, market introduction of consumer-packaged goods, and business development. Escobar carries a toolbox of contacts in commercial banking, wealth management, tax compliance, real estate, commercial mortgage lending, and residential mortgage brokers. His in-depth knowledge of business and sales allows him to produce unparalleled market research and the introduction and launch of new products into the retail or e-commerce markets. Due to his closeness with the banking sector, he can assist with debt collection, residential mortgages for non-Americans, credit checks, and in raising venture capital funds. 

Bachelor of Science, Finance, George Mason University

Languages: English and Spanish