Arthur Tomashevskii

Arthur Tomashevskii brings over 15 years of commercial and consulting experience to APS. Arthur has a strong track record of helping businesses to expand – such as a recent client who experienced 70% market growth, in just 12 months, thanks to the business development strategy that Arthur had designed. Arthur works with businesses across Poland, Ukraine, and the former Soviet Union to become as effective as possible: From doing competitive market analysis, optimizing business plans, and assisting companies to expand their client base. Due to Arthur’s strong regional network of contacts, he is able to help companies to bring products and services to new markets, and to create regional networks for existing companies. Arthur’s strong interpersonal skills allow him to effectively manage high-level negotiations, employee engagement, and to foster lasting business relationships. Before entering business, Arthur worked in various political campaigns in Ukraine, Poland, and Georgia as a strategic consultant.

Master of Arts, Philosophy, Lublin University of John Paul II
Bachelor of Arts, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Berdichev College of Industry

Languages: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Latin