Adriana Rivera

Adriana Rivera is a seasoned communications professional whose track record extends over two decades where she has continuously helped clients to get their message to wider audiences by using effective and persuasive techniques. Prior to working for APS, Adriana worked in television in Latin America, both in front of the camera as a national television host, and behind the camera as a producer for diverse programming ranging from news, to sports, to women’s programming.

In addition to her years of experience in broadcast journalism, Adriana worked in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the United States on a wide variety of informational campaigns, public relations projects, and on numerous political campaigns. This work has rewarded Adriana with amazing opportunities to have worked first-hand with presidents, vice presidents, members of parliament, municipal leaders, and ambassadors from around the world.

Bachelor of Arts, Communications, University of North Dakota, USA.

Languages: English and Spanish.