Erick Andrés Gálvez

Before coming to APS, Erick Galvez, Director of ROYALTOUR, a premier Ecuadorian tour company dedicated to organizing tours, conventions, and international leisure activities – developed a wide range of experience across a number of diverse businesses and economic sectors. Thanks to his dynamic profile, Gálvez has branched his businesses to include aquafarming, procurements, imports/exports, and has achieved fantastic commercial relationships and distribution strategies for a wide-number of clients in the private sector, as well as the public sector, including the Armed Forces of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian National Police. The long list of Galvez’s hands-on experience exemplifies exactly the type of astute, prepared, and skillful leader that he is and demonstrates why he is so uniquely prepared to help clients succeed.

Galvez’s experience in using a multidisciplinary approach to developing and leading teams allows him to maximize their results – which is absolutely essential in enabling businesses to succeed. Given his decades of experience in introducing foreign companies and individuals to Ecuador and the larger region, Galvez is a key player in the APS team who can bring the fruits and opportunities of this hemisphere to the rest of the international community. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business School of the Superior Polytechnic School of the Coast (ESPOL) (with a concentration in “Corporate finance and business economics.”)
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, the Catholic University Santiago of Guayaquil.
Diploma, Government and Political Management, Catholic University Santiago of Guayaquil and George Washington University.
Diploma, Baruch College of New York

Languages: English, German and Spanish